The weather in Croatia - weather data, temperatures, information.

The weather in Croatia with its Mediterranean temperatures and climate has the right temperature for every holiday wish. With over 2.300 hours of sunshine per year and an average water temperature of 24 to 27 degrees Celsius, Croatia offers guests the opportunity to spend a wonderful holiday on the Croatian coast almost all year round.

Quiet days in Croatia: As physical or mental relaxation, for the sporty and ambitious holidaymaker, or just as a sun worshiper, the climate in Croatia on the coast offers the right weather.

The weather in February and March in Croatia on the coast with temperatures of up to 20 degrees offers good conditions for a great vacation. Although it is still too cold for swimming in Croatia, the temperatures are ideal for: exploring the peninsula by bike, taking walks by the sea and in the fresh sea air and enjoying the peace and quiet and relaxing completely.

The weather in Croatia in April, when the temperature breaks the 20 degrees mark and shines with a maximum daytime temperature of up to 26 degrees, the bathing season in Croatia begins for the tough ones among the guests. The water is still cold, but it is a good trainer for the immune system.

The May and June bells in Croatia, with ideal weather and temperatures with peaks of up to 30 degrees, slowly set the tourist and bathing season in Croatia for most of the guests.

The weather in Croatia in July and August: The temperatures on the Dalmatian coast rise above 30 degrees, but are still pleasant due to the Mediterranean climate with low humidity and make the skin really tan. And if you can't stand it in the sun, you can enjoy the day in the shade or take a bath in the great blue Adriatic.

From September onwards, the temperature will drop below 30 degrees again, and temperatures of around 20 to 25 degrees are the most pleasant for most tourists. 

The weather in Croatia in golden October: with an average of 20 and a maximum daytime temperature of 30 degrees, it is an ideal travel time for many tourists who have saved up their remaining vacation in the year and are still planning a relaxing vacation.

With its Mediterranean weather, Croatia offers holidaymakers from February to the golden October pleasant temperatures of 16 to over 30 degrees, in order to spend either a relaxing, sporty or sunny holiday


Weather forecast Croatia


Weather forecast Croatia for permanently beautiful weather:

When the wind blows Bura in the morning from the north or northeast, the Maestral in the afternoon from the west, Burin in the evening and at dawn, constant high, ebb and clear skies. Sunset are clearly visible in clear weather

Weather forecast Croatia for incoming fine weather:

Basically, the wind brings nice weather after rainfalls. The air pressure rises constantly and the sky in the west becomes visible and clearer. If it is cloudy, the sky becomes reddish after sunset.

Weather forecast Croatia for bad weather in Croatia:

When the MAESTRAL is missing in the afternoon in summer or there is a sudden standstill. Gray cloud phenomena form in the west in the evening. White and yellow sunshine before sunset, a pale moon. A reddish sky in the early morning suggests rain. A constant low is a sign of prolonged bad weather.

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