Lighthouse Holidays in Croatia The New Trend

Lighthouses have always had something fascinating, attractive, magical about them.
There are always places of longing that defy the sea.

Whether red and white striped, single color painted in green, made of stone or iron:
There are lighthouses in Croatia in a wide variety of forms.

For centuries, lighthouses were used for orientation on the high seas and warned of invisible dangers on the coast.
Its beam of light not only showed ships the way, but also saved the lives of countless seafarers.

Meanwhile, the number of converted systems is growing,
which are experiencing a renaissance as a new holiday home or holiday apartment.
After all, spending the night in the lighthouse is at the top of many a travel wish list.

Lighthouses are seemingly romantic places of refuge,
which score with their exposed location and cast a spell over those seeking peace and quiet,
where travelers can draw new strength.

Our lighthouses are fantastic holiday homes with cozy living space
your own property, ideal for your dream vacation in a unique atmosphere.


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